Mandatory Organ Donation Persuasive Speech

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Title: What If It Was You
Audience: State Legislators Imagine if it was you, if it was you laying in a hospital bed, waiting for an organ donation and with each passing minute that you don’t receive one, you are getting closer to your final days. It could very much be you, or your loved one, or a friend, considering over 121,272 in 2013 alone were waiting on organ donations. (Learn the Facts) The problem is that organ donation, or the lack of, is becoming a major issue. But the chance of this being you, and the outrageous number of people on the waiting list could be greatly diminished if the people in our state weren’t so ignorant and selfish, and voted yes on the legalization of mandatory organ donation when they passed. I believe that organ donation should be mandatory because, for the most important reason, would save many lives, help farther scientific research and knowledge in our state and also
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There are many valid points as to why mandatory organ donations should not be legal, such as it is their body, and in America, we have a human right to our own bodies and what we do with it. But isn’t the biggest human right, the right to life? We have a human right to be alive. “One organ donor can save up to 8 lives.” (Learn the Facts) Who is anyone to take the right of life from someone, just because you are being selfish and have no beneficial use for your organs, when someone is dying because they need an organ of yours? I have to agree, that if organ donations did become legal, it would change the underlying meaning of organ donations, it wouldn’t be because you truly want to help people. But even if you don’t have a choice, you would still be saving someone’s life, which is heroic. We should have compassion for people, because we never know if that could be us one
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