Mandatory Vaccination Pros And Cons

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According to this article which focuses on should any vaccines be a requirement for children, it brings up the point that although no federal law required vaccinations, however every state requires certain vaccinations in order to enter the public school system. The article argues both pros and cons of having mandatory vaccination and the history behind it. Although many argue that vaccinations cause children to develop autism the author insist that there is no evidence to back up this claim. This article is can be used as starting point since it has so much information, and key points that can be used to argue
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The author develops how the anti-vaccination movement is continuing to gain support, but still despite their growth the rate of vaccinated children remains high. The article points out that scientific evidence on that vaccines safeness, but in fact are useful to helped contain, and control the wide spread of diseases. One key point that would important to incorporate in the my essay is the court case of Jacobson V. Massachusetts which essentially ruled that the government for the safety of the public can make mandatory…show more content…
Epling is aware that many patients have never experienced an infectious disease that has lead to millions of deaths, and don 't appreciate the medical preventions that are available today. Epling also makes a point that by getting vaccinated it saves the society as whole, huge amount of money on medical care. He also illustrates the rigorous system that vaccines go through to be approved for mass production. The use of data, and charts are use display the effectiveness, but also the safety of vaccination. This information can be applied to my research to show that vaccination overly tested before given to the

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