Mandatory Voting In America

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Democracy is a foundation of a country’s success. The idea of mandatory voting goes against the democracy of the United States. Mandatory voting is a violation to our civil rights and will become a law in the United States. Although many people believe that mandatory voting helps to strengthen a democratic government by making more voters participate in political process.However, mandatory voting violates the democratic United States by restricting people’s rights. Many believe that mandatory voting should become a law in America. The president Obama have stated that mandatory voting would become a good way to enhance the government of the United States, solve the low runout voting and money issue. According to Brody, president Barack Obama on Wednesday suggested the U.S.…show more content…
Force people to vote takes away their individual rights. The democratic country will not be democratic anymore by taking away its citizens’ rights. According to Sen Marco Rubio, Florida Republican, said on Fox News, no voting is also a legitimate choice that some people make”(Sherfinski). In the United States, It is every individual 's freedom to make a choice of whatever vote or not. “The right to speak, which is protected under the First amendment, includes the right not to speak. And there is no question that we are speaking when we make our choices in the ballot booth. When we don’t vote, we are again making a choice , a choice not to speak that also sends a political message”(spakovsky). It is a legitimate choice for each of us to decide whatever what is our best decision during an election. There is no right or wrong when we choose to vote or not vote. Mandatory voting is an unconstitutional force by government in the United States. If the federal government passed the law to force American people to vote, then the political policies of the United States would certainly changed from democratic politics to dictatorial
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