Essay On Mandibular Fracture

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By Jonas Wilson, Ing. Med.

Mandibular Fractures

Fractures may occur easily in the mandible owing to its anatomical properties and this bone may account for as many as 70% of fractures occurring in the maxillofacial region. It is fairly prominent on the face and its support is not as strong when compared to other facial bones. Mandibular fractures are common in young men for a variety of reasons with the most obvious being due to physical altercations. Factors that tend be positively correlated with these fractures include the use of alcohol, conducive environments and lower socioeconomic statuses.

The mandible is shaped like the letter U and the center of this bone is referred to as the symphysis. Horizontally, the body of the mandible contains the alveolar processes, which are responsible for bearing teeth. This horizontal
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The latter phenomenon is referred to as malocclusion as a result of trauma and this sensation is felt easily, because the teeth sense even the slightest change in alignment, which generates the sensation of something being wrong. Other signs and symptoms of a mandibular fracture include, obvious deformity, bruising, swelling, numbness due to inferior alveolar nerve compression, and trismus, which is an inability to fully open the mouth.


While surgery may not necessarily be immediately required in these patients, it is crucial to ensure that the airway is secured, because of the bone’s proximity to the upper respiratory tract and the potential for obstructive complications in an emergency setting. Diagnosis is then followed with the help of imaging. A panoramic radiograph is very useful in many cases, because it allows for visualization of the entire mandible. Following diagnosis, fractures may be classified based on location or the condition of the bone and surrounding tissues at the site of the

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