The House On Mango Street Character Analysis Essay

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The House on Mango Street is a coming of age story, mostly autobiographic, in which Cisneros transpose most of her experience as a young girl, and the way she had to deal with the struggles she encountered.It deals a lot with the search of identity, the poverty that surrounded her and the misoginy she witnessed and underwent through.
El Norte is an american and british movie directed by Gregory Nava dealing with the struggles of Guatemalans during the Guatemalan Civil War in the eighties and showing the journey of two indigenous siblings emigrating from Guatemala to go to the United States hoping for a better life.

Both Cisneros and Gregory Nava have have a Mexican heritage and were born in the United States so they both have an idea of what it is like to struggle in the US, being of Mexican descent. Both of them are reflecting their own
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In The House on Mango Street, most of the characters presented are women living on the neighbourhood of Esperanza.They are described through Esperanza own perspective and by her own standards.
The main protaganis of the book is herself.Throughout the entire book we learn about her and how she slowly evolves and grow up.
She starts as a young teenager that doesn 't like boys that much, she isn 't interested in the idea of a relationship. She is really childlike at first but, then after following her friend Marin, Rachel and Lucy, she starts to grasp more about what it means to be a women.
She starts as individualist although she wants to help her friends when they are in trouble

She is ashamed of where she lives in the beginning of the novel but in the end, she understands that she has to involve herself in the community to improve the place, even if she is moving out one day, she should still come back to help her family and
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