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Mango’s: Electric Atmosphere with Hit and Miss Food
Mango’s Mexican and American Grill located on Main Avenue in Fargo is a restaurant focusing on providing authentic Mexican cuisine while including an atmosphere with a Spanish vibe that intends to make customers feel as if they are South of the border themselves. The restaurant features a wide variety of Mexican dishes from the classics to some in house specialties; all of which are constructed from scratch. The food paired with the atmosphere has been attracting customers to Mango’s for many years. Although other Mexican restaurants may be more popular amongst local consumers in the area it is noted that Mangos is one of the few authentic facilities and provides a focus on not only providing
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The sampler also comes with a side of refried beans accompanied with a serving of Spanish rice. As for the enchilada sampler it failed in living up to the standards that had been set before it, and in the process brought down the spotless reputation that the restaurant had been building up. The bean enchilada was far from satisfactory and tasted extremely bland. The beans had very little flavor and they were mixed with a very small amount of cheese. The tortilla that was undercooked in each enchilada gave a rubbery texture to each enchilada making it difficult to enjoy the ingredients contained inside. The cheese enchilada was in no means any better and may in fact have been worse. The enchilada had what appeared to be a blend of two different cheeses that had barely began to melt. The cheese enchilada along with the bean had to be smothered in sauce to make them somewhat flavorful enough to disguise the blandness contained in the shell. The beef enchilada was not nearly as bad but needs some work. The beef itself needs work as far as the flavoring. The beef was about as bland as the refried beans and seemed as if it had no spices what so ever in it. Ethan Edeen ordered some beef tacos and agreed in the lacking flavor of the beef that was inside both dishes. He said, “The beef was extremely tasteless, and it was…show more content…
The friendly staff is always close by to answer questions about the food that customers may know very little about. The staff is also a vital part in creating a sense that customers can feel that they are at a true Mexican restaurant. From their outgoing and colorful outfits to the Spanish language that they enjoy speaking to the customers the effort is shown by the staff. The food that began the meal was outstanding and something that many can appreciate considering the lack of true Mexican restaurants in the area. Unfortunately, the main course couldn’t continue the momentum that the chips and salsa along with the chicken taquitos had set forward. When a customer visits a restaurant they typically are there for the main course and expecting a dish that is very well prepared. The main dish is the centerpiece of the visit and therefore should be the thing that a customer should look at as the top priority of satisfying themselves on a visit to a restaurant, this satisfaction was not met. The main course with some altercations has the potential to be great. The experience at Mango’s is one that will bring a smile to your face and likely your taste buds, however, it is not perfect and has that one major flaw. Mango’s Mexican and American grill is a place to try sometime, and with some work on perfecting their craft

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