Love Is A Game Of Love Analysis

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There are many perspectives of love in the ancient Greek world. A prevalent view of love in An Ephesian Story is mania. This is illustrated most clearly through the relationship Habrocomes and Anthia have throughout the story. A whole different perspective comes from the poet Anacreon. He perceives love as a game that you must play. These two views of love can completely change how someone looks at and experiences the world. Mania is the most dangerous type of love; it is equivalent to a disease. Those who have mania become obsessive, jealous, and anxious. The serious affliction of love is all consuming. Harbocomes and Anthia can no longer have individuality. Their love is their identity. Love becomes the afflicted ones whole world; everything…show more content…
Both have a beginning and an end. In the game of love there are winners or losers. Sometimes you get the girls and other times you do not. Both in games and love, competition is a key part. To get love you must win another’s affection, while others try to woo them. Anacreaon also personifies love, “Love with the golden hair points to a girl.” He is playing a game of catch with love itself. Like a baby shooting arrows, he is throwing a ball at his victim. Love is fanciful and unpredictable; one never knows where the ball will bounce. Unlike in An Ephesian Story, love is not a serious issue one should spend time worrying about, but something fun and light. When Anacreon sees love’s power and makes it a game he is weakening its power. Treating love as a game is form of self-awareness, which is one way you can fight or dispel the disease of love. If you recognize love as a game you are the one in control. With control over love, Anacreon can prevent it from consuming him like it did Harbocomes and Anthia. The reason the ball is purple in the quote is because Anacreon is intoxicated. The interaction between Anacreon and Eros is happening during a symposium, which is a drinking party. Love gives you the same feeling as when you drink. Intoxication is a high, but it is a fleeting moment like ones time spent with the
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