Maniac Amanda Gale Character Analysis

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In the book, Maniac Magee, Jerry Spinelli uses descriptive details, dialogue, actions, and thoughts to develop the character, Amanda Beale. For example, he makes Amanda’s character trait stand out. One of her many character traits is helpful/caring. She shows caring by giving her room to Maniac without complaining. It says in the book,“ Amanda was happy to give up her room to Maniac.” Also, she tried to protect Maniac when Mars Bar was bothering him. For example, in the book it says,“I got a little brother and a little sister that crayon all over my books, and I got a dog that eats them and poops on them and that’s just inside my own family, and I'm not- gonna have nobody- else messin’- with my books!” She “stands” up for Maniac and believes him that he didn’t rip the book, but that Mars Bar ripped the book.…show more content…
She says,“I mean, that even if there's one or two people who aren't too wild about you now -- and that's all there really are -- that even they would like you. And every- body else who already likes you, they'll like you even more. Purely out of curiosity, Maniac replied, "How's all that supposed to happen:'" Amanda told him about Cobble's Knot.” She helped him fit in because she knew that he could do it. The author, Jerry Spinelli, also showed how well she worked with others and collaborated. For example, In the book, it says, “So you're the book boy." She started nodding. "Manda came home one day -- 'Mom, there's a boy I loaned one of my books out to!' 'Loaned a book.' Yes?' 'Mom, he practically made me. He really likes books. I met him on …" "Mo-om!" Amanda screeched. "I never said all
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