Maniac's Advice To Two Mills: Summary

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Maniac Magee ran 200 miles all the way to Two Mills. What Maniac doesn’t know is that Two Mills is a racially separated town. When Maniac got to Two Mills, he met a “black” girl named Amanda Beale, one of the main characters. Since he is When Maniac meets Amanda he notices her suitcase and thinks she’s a runaway too, but soon finds out it’s full of books. Then, Maniac asks Amanda if he could borrow one and promises to bring it back. At first she says no, but gives in because she was going to be late for school. Once Maniac received the book, he took it on everywhere that he went before he returned it. Since Maniac made other appearances back and forth from West End and East End that day, he met other people, such as John McNab and Mars Bars
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