How Did Manifest Destiny Affect African Americans

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In 1814 the Manifest Destiny occurred, manifest destiny is when lots of United States citizens moved out west so they could be start their lives and gain lots of property. The main reason Americans wanted to move out west was so they can gave the mass quantities of land and be able to farm and make a great living off of it. But the Manifest Destiny affected lots of things three of them being the Native Americans, slavery, and the relationship between the North and South States.

The Manifest Destiny affect the Native Americans greatly in multiple ways, their population their food and their culture. One example of this the document 1, in this document it's just the population of Native Americans before Americans moved West and after they moved West.” There was a graph showing the starting population of Native Americans before Americans moved over being About 45,000 and after being 10,000”(Document 1). This shows how the
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For example in document 1 the chart shows how slavery spread West and grew in total.” the chart showing the least amount of percent starting the farthest west in getting higher going east”(Dlc.4). this shows that slavery was being spread West because it shows that the newest amount which is the least amount is West in the further east you go the more amount you get. Another example is in document 8 where the text states that Missouri is separated at the 36-30 parallel because of the issue of slavery. “More important, it had stipulated that in the future, slavery would be prohibited north of the southern boundary of Missouri (the 36º30’ parallel) in the rest of the Louisiana Purchase”(doc.8).This shows how the Manifest Destiny affected slavery because Missouri which was a part of manifest destiny caused slavery to grow and the free states to grow. the idea is easily driven that the Manifest Destiny affected
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