Manifest Destiny And The Pre-Civil War

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As few know, the very root cause of all the Pre-Civil War events was Manifest Destiny, a powerful and ruthless belief that had changed the course of history. Manifest Destiny caused the US to go for a greater goal that scarred others, driving all Natives off their land and expand until every other country knew of their power. They went from protecting newly freed countries, to taking all important possessions from the natives before them. The belief of the US to expand all over North America and be seen as a powerful nation has caused their minds to want more and more of what is around them, land. A great amount of citizens wanted to take a portion of the Indians’ land in order to advance themselves with knowledge of their territories…show more content…
With the Indians finally placed in a spot which is theirs, though far away from where they were born, a fake delegation arises and causes them to withdraw from that land. "It comes to us, not through our legitimate authorities, the known and usual medium of communication between the Government of the United States and our nation, but through the agency of a complication of powers, civil and military. ”(Cherokee letter protesting the Treaty of New Echota, 1836), without looking back, and only viewing their future straight forward, the US takes everything they can and don’t even try to reduce the Native Indians ' pain. Instead of trying to solve the main problem and stop the treaty from forcing the Native Indians out of their land, they sent troops to make it fast and clean. "Our property may be plundered before our eyes; violence may be committed on our persons; even our lives may be taken away, and there is none to regard our complaints. … And this is effected by the provisions of a compact which assumes the venerated, the sacred appellation of treaty." (Cherokee letter protesting the Treaty of New Echota, 1836). The US is aiming for Manifest Destiny and nothing less, so they enforce treaties that benefits them and takes all land from the Natives Indians. Manifest Destiny doesn’t have any compassion, it challenges the US to take what they can get and just keep on

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