Manifest Destiny Benefits

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The benefits of the Manifest Destiny outweighed the consequences. This is because the U.S was able to get more resources, increase population in the west, advance trade, and improve technology. These benefits have contributed to the economic development in the U.S. Furthermore, as the U.S were fulfilling the Manifest Destiny, they also imposed the Homestead Act, which helped evolve frontiers. The discovery of gold in the west, specifically, in California lured more people to the west. This increased population the west. Additionally, Technology was advancing too because more railroads were being built and being improved. More opportunities were given to Chinese immigrants, as they were given jobs in the railroad industry. Ultimately, the benefits of the Manifest Destiny outweighed the consequences. This is because the U.S had to grow in power and advance, without anything being in their way. The U.S had gained a lot of land, or frontiers in the West from Mexico. The land was undeveloped, therefore the U.S had to find a way to develop the land. The U.S would come up with the Homestead Act. The Homestead Acts states that any citizen or anyone planning to become a citizen is eligible to gain 160 acres of land, typically to form farms. The plan was intended to make the people stay in that land and create a …show more content…

This is because the Manifest Destiny improve technology, was vital in the transition from rural to urban, more efficient trade, and more job opportunities for the Chinese. The Manifest Destiny helped the U.S to evolve and advance. Many of the advances help to make the foundation of what the U.S is today. The evolutions made during the time of westward expansion made the U.S a more powerful nation. Countries/ civilizations have to advance and change at some point or else it will inevitably be destroyed and conquered. Ultimately, the many benefits outweigh the consequences in many

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