Manifest Destiny Essay

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By the 1900s, the word Manifest Destiny was everywhere. Every American believed that the expansion of the US was a “God-given right.” America had already doubled its size through the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, but it had gotten another opportunity to expand in 1846. Texas had declared independence from Mexico in 1845, and applied for statehood. Ten years later, it was accepted into the Union and became one of the US states (province). Around this time, James K. Polk was president. Polk wanted much more of Texas, plus, he had his eye on California as well. Polk was a strong believer in Manifest Destiny and that was why he wanted to declare war on Mexico. The majority of Congress voted to declare war and it was put into action. The one question that still has to be answered is: Did Manifest Destiny justify the United States in going to war with Mexico? Manifest Destiny did not justify the United States in going to war with Mexico. The war against Mexico was not justified because the US claimed Texas and wanted California, President James Polk’s actions pushed the Mexican soldiers to defend themselves, and the American settlers in Texas did not follow a simple set of rules. The war against Mexico was not justified because, even though the people of Texas wanted the US to annex their state, the US just claimed Texas by saying, “ It is time for opposition to the Annexation of Texas to cease… Texas is now ours” (Doc A: “Annexation”). After the US annexed Texas, they had their

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