Manifest Destiny: The Role Of Education In The United States

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America has set a precedent in global history that other countries would eventually follow. Americans themselves have been regarded as the most patriotic for their country, and egotistical at that. Now when it comes to pride and confidence, one must have something to support their claims and beliefs. In America’s case, we have one of the largest economies on the planet, and one of the strongest militaries as well. How ever, one thing doesn’t seem to add up. In order to be one of the strongest economic powers, as well as militaristic. You would need very well educated citizens running the system, ranging from bank tellers, to stock investors. And even corporals, lieutenant, and sergeants need some form of proper education. Then why is it that time and time again, foreign countries are dominating us in the education field?…show more content…
The lingering desire is to become better than the rest, and to be on top. This philosophical ideology stems all the way back to the American Dream of becoming someone big and impactful. Even connections to Manifest Destiny exist in the adjustments that could be made to our education system. This essay shall correlate where Americans need to step up their game, and how we can fix current issues lurking in our education system that lead to our inferiority compared to other nations. Simply put, the American Education System is filled with flaws, and as the generation of tomorrow, students deserve the right to organize our educational
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