Manifest Destiny Vs Manifest Destiny

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Before the 19th century, the United States West, was a collection of diverse groups and cultures interactions in unincorporated territory. The West offered land, resources, and a new life just to about anyone who was willing to take the trip out West. This is what drew many people to the idea of West, the desire for a fresh start. A chance, that enticed many people regardless of race hoping to seek better fortune. Western fever would reach an all time high through the concept of Manifest Destiny, that essentially declared that the United States should expand west. American supporters of western expansion, viewed the West as the solution to brewing economic troubles. Jefferson and others thought that Manifest Destiny, was crucial in laying the foundation for the modern United States, by creating both socio-political and economic mobility. The idea of Manifest Destiny, tends to present itself as conquering the frontier and creating new opportunities. The United States government, viewed the territory west of the rockies as again another crucial step in securing the foundation of the nation, and preventing foreign nations from further developing conflicting interests on U.S soil. The concept of racial superiority and imperialism allowed Manifest Destiny to empower white settlers, while dehumanizing other inhabitants to take control of their land. Manifest destiny, allowed American institutions to mask imperialistic power structures and policies consistent european
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