Manifest Destiny's Role

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The Role of Manifest Destiny There are many events and roles that were played by different groups of people, that had to do with the tension rising in the slave and non-slave states. Manifest Destiny played a big role because, it started to spread democracy over the World, brought up issues on the topic of Religion, race, patriotism money etc. Which then escalated into bigger problems and eventually caused the Civil War. Manifest Destiny had various actions that caused the tension to rise for the slave and non-slave states, and one action that was a cause to this tension rising was, the start of democracy that Manifest Destiny spread over the world. The people believed that, “God had ordained Americans to spread the…show more content…
They didn’t support slavery and wanted more free states because they simply thought that slavery is wrong, which is completely true. Disagreeing with the idea of slavery didn’t affect the North’s economy because, their economy was based on factory work and manufacturing. So as an economy, ending slavery was something they all believed was the right thing to do, which is why they were considered to have free states. So the tension uprose with them at that point, once again. Without slavery the South’s economy wouldn’t survive, and the North wanted to end it because they felt that all men were created equal and having slavery wasn’t fulfilling that idea. They eventually created a compromise (the popular sovereignty), which allowed the people of the state to determine if their state would be a slave state. Basically giving the people the power, as a democracy would, to choose if they wanted to have their state with slavery being acceptable or not acceptable. This was caused by Manifest Destiny. In conclusion Manifest Destiny did indeed have an affect on the tension rising between both the slave and free states. The actions that took place due to this event eventually had a compromise that somewhat settled the differences in both the North and South economy’s. It settled with the Civil War and the act of slaves counting as ⅗’s vote and then the new state deciding whether they were a free state or slave
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