Manila Cathedral Case Study

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In the midst of today’s world where technologies are continuously making its progress in the market. Many Filipinos are very much in on using these technologies to know more about new information and discoveries in our world. As science continues to seek answers to the unknown, we sometimes forget the importance of the past. We tend to forget how history had brought us into modernization. People would rather go to malls and theaters to spend time with their friends than to visit monuments, shrines and churches. We neglect the fact that some of these historical places were the reasons of our achievements as a nation. We must cultivate and preserve these historical landmarks that we have inherited from our ancestors to know more of ourselves as a Filipino and the trials that we have went through before we could get into this stage of living. One of the most historical sites here in our country is the famous Manila Cathedral that lies within the beautiful walls of Intramuros. And so, we must know the importance of the Manila Cathedral in order for us to preserve its stories and beauty towards future generations.…show more content…
What are the architectural designs and decors that can be found in and outside the Manila Cathedral? What were the significant events that happened at the Cathedral? And, what were the causes of the destruction of Manila Cathedral before? The purpose of this study is to make people aware of cultivating and preserving the beauty of the Manila Cathedral. It is also to make people realize the importance of historical landmarks in our country. In this study, we have tackled information about the history, events, and architecture about the Manila Cathedral to come up with our conclusion. However, the focus of this study is to know the significance of the historical landmarks, especially the Manila Cathedral and to promote cultural

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