Manipulation In A Psychopaths By Joyce Carol Oates

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Contrary to the commonly held belief, psychopathy is actually very rare. Although, quite a few people exhibit certain psychopathic traits, to be a psychopath one must display a variety of characteristics. Psychopaths have low anxiety, mercilessness, and externalization of blame. A psychopath is dangerous and should be treated as is due to their ability to ignore the law and commit heinous crimes. The behaviors of the typical psychopath share common characteristics and therefore, psychopaths must be considered dangerous. Psychopaths are merely morally depraved individuals who represent the "monsters" in our society. They are relentless and untreatable people whose violence is premeditated, purposeful and emotionless (Hare). Due…show more content…
Manipulation is one of a psychopaths’ favorite things to do because that is how they get what they want. In a story by Joyce Carol Oates, Oates created a character by the name of Arnold Friend whom is a psychopath. After the departure of Connie’s family, Arnold drove up to her house with the intention of taking her for a ride even though she did not know him. Though Connie (15-year-old blonde) was extremely relentless due to the fact that she was unaware of who this man was, Arnold knew what he had to do to lure her out of her house. Arnold said, "I ain't made plans for coming in that house where I don't belong but just for you to come out to me, the way you should. Don't you know who I am?" to manipulate Connie into coming outside to him on her own to make it seem like it was her idea to go with him. Arnold also told Connie that if she didn’t come outside he would wait for her family to come home and he would harm them (Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been, 7). Manipulation is extremely dangerous because it can happen without a person knowing and can lead someone into a dangerous and more likely than not, a fatal situation. Psychopaths try to leave as little evidence as possible to allow themselves to continue to do what they do without getting…show more content…
Psychopathy is an extremely dangerous personality disorder that has a controversial cause that deals with nature v nurture. Emotional manipulation is just as severe as physical abuse which is why dealing with a psychopath is so difficult. Anyone with psychopathic characteristics should be considered dangerous and certain repercussions should take place if treacherous thoughts are acted

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