Manipulation In Celebrity Advertising

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Be Aware! Manipulative Advertisements Anywhere!

Have you ever experienced buying a particular product because you were caught up by its advertisement? Come to think a reason why this advertisement caught up your attention. Do you feel informed or being manipulated? Advertising is a form of communication which purpose is to persuade consumers about products or services through the use of diverse media (Bovee, 1992, p. 7) . Most entrepreneurs today are using advertisements as a business skill, not just informing but more in manipulating consumer's decision-making in purchasing products in a way that they are utilizing social media for the product popularity, using famous celebrities
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Popular celebrities are being used by marketers in their advertisements in order to have a higher demand through consumer impact. The admiration of the consumers for their idols are being used for manipulation. Example, Daniel Padilla endorse a particular brand of food consequently his fans will patronize it and the result is, this business would be successful due to higher demand. Celebrity endorsement is being used in almost all types of products. The likeability of the celebrities are being used in persuading the consumers to purchase products. Most of the celebrities are truly good-looking so they are fit to endorse any kind of products like cosmetics, clothings, shoes and the like. The manipulation in celebrity endorsement happens in this way, for example a very famous celebrity endorses a particular toothpaste brand the technique is he/she uses his/her killer smile and tell his/her viewers that he/she have that kind of smile because of this particular toothpaste. Then bang! There is where the manipulation starts. After watching that mind blowing advertisement their fans will buy a lot of boxes of toothpaste because they believe that when they use it they will also have that kind of

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