Manipulation In Antigone

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Antigone manipulates the government by using her lifestyle conditions, her bravery and her determination of what she believe in. In these three plays that it be will analized as a perspective of Antigone, “Oedipus the King”, “Antigone” and “La pasion segun Antigona Perez”, Antigone is a underestimated character. The main characters see Antigone as a simple woman. Commencing with, woman in that time should be not heard. Woman should be at home, raising their children, could not be brave or refute what men said and they have to be happy with their life of slavery and comfort. Contrary to all woman, Antigone was a brave woman. A women that did not shut up her mouth and challenge the autoritary men voice. She always was seeking for morally justice.…show more content…
In “La pasion segun Antigona Perez” she stayed strong and accepted the punishmen of what Creon Molina called a crime. She burry two friends that were so important to her and Creon did not want it because they make a attempt to a terrorized act. As a matter of fact, creon tried to make what Antigony does, manipulate her, so he could be saw as the most powerfull ruler that could not be threatened by a woman. However, Anitogony manipulated him and two people that tried to convinced her to confess where she buried her close friends. The first person was his mother; she is shown as a part of the government, the uncle of Antigone is Creon. Antigony challenged this female part of the government by being a strong woman, an independent and different woman that could not be the same person that is her mother, a dependent and suppressed woman. Following this, the second challenge was Monsenor; representing the church linked to the government. The tactic of manipulation was that they involved God as part of the salvation or the punishment, nonetheless, Antigony used this tactic against them by them saying that the salvation was the death, and no man in the earth could shut down her. Finally, Creon manipulated her with love, the love of her life, Fernando, Antigone almost give up all the manipulation and the protest that she was acting, but she knew that she could be fine; and that’s the tactic, being a strong and sarcastic woman threatening and inciting Creon to do something to the only thing that she
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