Manipulation In Fight Club

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The use of manipulation enables an easier understanding of the meaning behind Tyler’s word usage within Fight Club. Such as the way that Tyler manages to guide the main characters conscious after he was burned with nothing but a kiss and some basic guided meditation ( Palahniuk 75) this allows Tyler to alter the main characters way of thinking and push him closer to Tyler way of thinking. As well as the first two rules of fight club: The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club. The second rule is you do not talk about fight club this restatement of the first rule within the second (Palahniuk 48). At first glance the reader may simply take this to be the writers an attempt at emphasis the very problem with the this is that…show more content…
Within the psychology of distrust there lies a point where your own personal opinion of a topic that is ingrained within your core beliefs or morals is challenged with what the mind perceives as ample evidence the brain goes on the defensive and rejects all idea opposite to what it feels is its own this is known as a backfire effect (M.Smith How Can the Use of Reverse Psychology Backfire?) and when this happens there is a point where the brain cannot trust itself. While working for big businesses both have developed a major distrust in corporations as a whole. This could come from the basic need to have a scapegoat in situations where you feel wronged (Nyhan, Brendan, and Jason Reifler. “When Corrections Fail: The Persistence of Political Misperceptions.”). Finally, Within fight club a problem rings out with the Project Mayhem according to Rodrick Kramer putting your trust into an organization should increase the spontaneous sociability among its members (Kramer 2) however in the case of project mayhem there is none of that to be found. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be a time when the members of this group talk to each other at all after entering even the most sociable characters suddenly take on an air of military conformity. Takes Big Bob he goes from walking around a support group with a cheese board to…show more content…
The Narrator’s sudden turning toward Tyler when his house explodes show the pedestal that he is put upon by those who care for him. To the point where the narrator makes several biblical references (Palahniuk 46)where he begs Tyler for deliverance or enlightenment as though Tyler is some form of deity that could easily provide this to any person at any given moment. Finally, the reason as to why the members of Project Mayhem have even the slightest amount of trust in one another is because of the system of how they work. While lacking in communication skills they all have common look and mindset. So all there is to really think about is the orders you have been given and as Tyler was setting up the jobs system he specifically trained each person to do a single task to near perfection effectively turning ever task into an assembly line. With this knowledge, you have to trust every person to do their job without fail or else your thinking crashes the entire operation. In conclusion, the philosophies of distrust and trust and use manipulation is seen either influencing or being used by all

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