Manipulation In Homer's Odyssey

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Mankind and the divine living in coexistence has endured the test of time due to the “glass ceiling” remaining intact. This barrier has restrained humans and empowered gods creating a relationship of ruler and subject. Humans have been pious and humble towards the gods, believing they are perfect beings. The gods themselves are ignorant of their own flaws and very humane qualities. Ancient Greek literature depicts gods as reflections of troubled mankind’s need for a role figure who are similar to themselves in stature and personality. Although manipulation is seen as a negative action, it is committed by both humans and the godly. Agamemnon, the Greek commander, uses manipulation when dealing Achilles and says, “I’m coming to your hut and…show more content…
It is one of the most common human emotions because of its prevalence in everyday life. Whether directed at another individual or one’s self, it can consume an individual if not kept in check. For example, Achilles sets aside rationality aside and a very primitive state ensues because of his rage. His anger focuses on Agamemnon, but he is angry with the world in general. In letting his anger consume him, he prioritizes his desires over that of the Greek army and his fellow heroes. This uncontrollable anger is not an emotion that only characterizes humans, but extends to the gods as well. In the Odyssey by Homer, Poseidon is overcome with hatred after Odysseus slays his son Polyphemus. The Earthshaker “[keeps Odysseus] away / From his native land” as punishment for causing him grief (Homer, Odyssey I, 81-82). Poseidon serves as an example of how similar humans are to their celestial counterparts due to their shared experiences. Gods experience loss, misfortune, and other seemingly human issues and must reconcile them in the same way humans do. In regards to Poseidon, he uses anger aimed at Odysseus to cope with his death of his son; this is his means of making peace with his situation. Every human and god goes through obstacles and setbacks, and anger is one of many reactions to
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