Manipulation In Lady Macbeth

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It is nonsensical to think that this woman would faint at the mere idea of blood after she so willingly pushed her husband to murder Duncan, it is obvious that this faint was merely a distraction from her husband’s lack of explanation as to why he murdered the guards. Her ability to use the misogynistic feminine ideology against the men in the play is a strength commonly overlooked by most readers and audience members alike.
Manipulation: Her Fell Purpose
Lady Macbeth can be placed somewhat in the role of the “trickster” in these moments of manipulation. A trickster is a character that exhibits a large degree of intellect, using their role in society to play tricks or manipulate those above them. Lady Macbeth uses her role as a woman to influence
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I shall do so,
But I must also feel it as a man.
I cannot but remember such things were that were most precious to me. (4.3.255-262)
During this scene Malcolm tells him to “dispute it like a man”, but Macduff makes it clear that as a man it is okay for him to feel sadness and mourn the loss of his entire family. It is not viewed as a weakness for Macduff to mourn and become emotional; he is exemplifying masculinity in this moment. However, what is viewed as strength and masculinity in Macduff is viewed as feminine weakness in Lady Macbeth. She too mourns the loss of Macduff’s family, she feels guilt and worries that she is the cause of this tragedy. This guilt-riven feeling leads Lady Macbeth to the infamous hand washing scene in Act 5 Scene 1.
The thane of Fife had a wife. Where is she now? –
What, will these hands ne’er be clean? – No more o’ that, my lord, no more o’ that. You mar all with this starting. (5.1.30-33)
This parallel reaction to the same event shows Lady Macbeth’s emotions and guilt as more than a feminine reaction, these are very human feelings that span across the gender

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