Manipulation In Medea

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In the play medea the eponymous main character is already debased and seen as weak and powerless and is already surrendering to pain and melts away in her days, Her man left her. But later in the play she becomes empowered and comes up with this devious plan to get revenge.

The same issue that she faces while trying to get over this terrible break up is the same issue she’ll resolve in the end.

Medea is a young lady who came from the barbarian land the her lover jason but before coming to Greece's she lived with her father who was thinking and he requested that in order for jason to take the throne he must get the golden fleece but it will be a danger journey so Medea comes up with a plan and calls jaason into the
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This shows that because she needs to manipulate Jason so that she can get closer to the princess so that she can “kill the princess”

Therefore, she is only powered when she can manipulate the situation to a certain extent. She only does this so that he plan with to kill will succeed.

Although she becomes empowered she only has power when she manipulates the situation enough, but this goes for all the women in the society the have to manipulate the patriarchy in order to succeed .

And so Medea is a weak person, who becomes empowered when she realizes she need to get revenge but can only get revenge if she manipulates the situation enough .

Medeas power is limited but all women in this society limited because of the patriarchy.

In the last lines of the play jason goes on to say that he is driven away only because she kills the kids,

However, she is empowered because jason is suffering because of her actions so she has accomplished
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