Manipulation In Othello Essay

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The play of Othello is a tragedy that exposes the characters in several ways, causing conflict and envy, eventually leading to a tragic end. To achieve this tragic end, Iago uses manipulation in order to change the views of, and bring out multiple personalities in the characters. One's perception of a situation is directly proportional to the demeanor of a person. When a person changes the way that they look at a situation, the entire way that they present themself; their attitude, behavior, and traits that they exude, change. In Othello, Iago uses perception in order to change the views of the characters to his advantage. In the beginning of the play, Iago makes sure that Othello’s love is strong for Desdemona. For example, Othello tells Iago, “ For know, Iago, But that I love the gentle Desdemona...” (I,ii,27). This quote shows Othello's views and perception of Desdemona at the beginning of the play. Later on in the play when the play is taking place in Cyprus, Iago paces a seed of doubt and suspicion into Othello's head. I know this because in the text Othello says, “Was not that…show more content…
In the beginning of the play, Othello is a good upstanding man. I know this because the Duke regards to Othello as Valiant (I,iii,56). Then as Iago manipulates him, he starts to become more aggressive and impulsive. For example, in act 3, scene 4, lines 103-114, Othello constantly calls for the handkerchief, until he storms out of the scene enraged. This shows how Othello starts to lose his calm and composure. Finally, By the end of the play, Iago has changed Othello so much, that he starts to display multiple personalities at the same time. For example when Ohello says, “I would not kill thy unprepared spirit. No, (heaven) forfend! I would not kill thy soul”.(VI,ii, 35) This quote shows the mix of personalities that Othello is displaying by the end of the
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