Manipulation In The Film Snowpiercer

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In 1619, America was first introduced to slavery when the first African slaves were brought to North America to aid and increase the production of lucrative crops such as tobacco. Between the 17th and 18th centuries, Slavery was practiced throughout the American colonies and was looked at as the main beneficiary to be successful in any production. African-American slaves helped build America’s economic foundations from the bottom up and was looked at as a new nation. In the early 17th century, European settlers in North America resulted to African slaves because they were cheaper and more hard-working. The African slaves were more productive than the servants the Europeans used, which were mostly poorer Europeans. After the year 1619, a Dutch…show more content…
The antagonist is Wilford, and Curtis’s mission is to get to the front of the train to stop him. Curtis’s entire trip to the front was to build him into a great leader. From the very beginning he had to be the first to do anything to maintain his leadership. According to Evans study, Defining and characterizing manipulation can be an exceedingly difficult task: the term manipulation has traditionally been used “imprecisely and indiscriminately.”(3) Manipulation is used by socially influencing an individual and change the way they behavior and react. Unknowing, he was surrounded by people that were misled for years and was being manipulated by Wilford. Curtis was being manipulated as well but realized it was time to stand up and fight with his people. He had to learn to compromise and negotiate Kronol in order to get the doors open. Mentally he had to think of his people as a whole group and accept some causalities, such as Edgar. As a side mission, He promised a mother that he will find her son, Timmy. The struggle to get to the front is interrupted by soldiers and killers controlled by Wilford. Throughout the film, many characters were either controlled or subconsciously didn't have free of mind. Through the events that Curtis endured, he was able to realize the manipulation and brainwashing that Wilford was portraying among the characters around
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