Manipulation In The Truman Show Numb

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In this report I will explore the theme of manipulation and show how it connects the four different texts I have studied. The four texts that I focused on were Macbeth, The Dark Knight, The Truman Show and Numb. Although each of these texts are very different, they each highlight and showcase forms of manipulation that are not only true in the text but relate back to the society we live in today.

Macbeth’, a text written by William Shakespeare shows the rise of a Scottish Thane named Macbeth who became King of Scotland due to the connecting idea of manipulation. Unlike ‘The Truman Show’ where Truman was being manipulated for the pleasure of the rest of the world, Macbeth was being manipulated by his wife, Lady Macbeth for his own greater
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Truman lives his life like he believes it’s reality. When Harvey Dent from ‘The Dark Knight’ came forward to the people of Gotham City, posing as the Batman he gave society their hero. Dent manipulated everyone into thinking that he was the masked vigilante. Similarly, everyone manipulates Truman into playing a certain role that he has adapted to, although all he wants to do is venture out into the world. However, whenever Truman tries to leave he is coincidentally stopped by a traffic jam which ever street he turns down or some form of ‘accident’. This is all done in order to stop him finding out the truth behind his ‘perfect’ life. Kristov, the creator has spent his whole life making sure Truman doesn't seek the truth but when the light falls from the sky Truman begins to wonder, questions arise and he starts noticing odd occurrences. The Truman Show gives the millions of viewers watching it everyday just what they want, a reality tv show that never ends. Unfortunately for Truman his whole life has been a lie, constantly operated and watched on by creators that sit high above Seahaven he’s continually forced to wear specific clothes, mow the lawns with a certain brand of mower all because he is manipulated into using these items, showcasing them to the entire world at the same
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