Manipulation Of Language Essay

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Take almost any utterance. The words themselves are not literally able to commit violent acts, when those words are put in the “right” context, however, violence, among other behaviors, can be observed. Take for example, the n-word in English. As Gloria Naylor explains, when that lexical item is used by a white boy, it was meant to offend, but when used in another context it is used as a term of endearment. The circumstances many times influence how powerful that words becomes, as can be seen in the media and in politics.
Although words, when void of context, are often innocuous, when they appear in certain contexts, the meaning can be rather destructive, as can be seen in the lexical item
Every day we are witnesses to persuasive language demanding us to do something. One of the most frequent sources of such language is the television. Commercials attempt to encourage us to buy a particular product; however, this medium of communication tends to be one of the most direct forms. This type of manipulative language involves being subconsciously provoked to do something. Although words, when void of circumstances, are often harmless,
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When humans are put under pressure, they try and take the first plausible, even if the most crazy, idea and fool themselves into believe it. With the story, “The lottery” by Shirley Jackson, an extreme version of manipulation through language has been created. The reader initially views a rural community with people who all get along. Jackson then turns the story into a grotesque murder story. The people of the town murder a member without a slight hesitation or sign of emotion. There is no remorse. Jackson managed to make the audience believe that the lottery is something nice, which in effect it is for the people who don’t die. The same happens in our society, perception of events similar to language influence our thoughts and
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