Manipulation Of Power In Hamlet

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Power is what drives mankind, it was what lead various leaders like Julius Caesar and Adolf Hitler to conquer and manipulate others into what they wanted. It is said that power can do wonders to many people who possess it; with great power comes great responsibility. Too much power can lead to a person’s corruption and inability to comprehend their wrong doings. In Hamlet, there is much evidence of this manipulation with each character in different ways. They all seemed to be pawns of a chess game, not knowing when to strike until someone made a move. It appeared as if the older generation (Polonius, Claudius, King Hamlet) were controlling the younger ones (Prince Hamlet, Ophelia, Laertes) into playing this game until someone won, not fearing the consequences of their actions. Back and forth they plotted and attacked, moving each pawn into position, and tragedy struck the greatest pawn of them all was knocked over. Ophelia has gone mad and dies over a dispute she was never a part of. Manipulation and power produce the falls of innocent pawns to tip over; their biggest error was being a part of something they did not know was happening.…show more content…
Not only is Hamlet in a vulnerable spot at this point, but his father’s ghost appears to him asking him to seek revenge on his behalf for being murdered by his uncle, here is where the game begins. Slowly the pawns are being picked, Hamlet being the first to be set down. After hearing what the ghost had to say about Claudius and how he had poisoned the king, Hamlet at that moment vows to not think of anything else, but vengeance. Here is a pawn ready to serve his father’s will, but instead of taking action he decides to go into a crazed state of
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