Manipulationy: Why Do People Manipulation?

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Abstract The evidence offered in this paper clearly highlights thePsychological manipulation which is a type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive, or even abusive techniques. This advances the interests of the manipulator, generally at the victim's expense, in methods that may be considered abusive, devious, deceptive, and exploitative. The main focus of this study is to understand how people are manipulated and the different kind of tactics that are used to manipulate them. That being said the type of people under study will be those of a psychopathic or sociopathic trend. Seeing as how these people do not feel any guilt or remorse their methods of manipulation are very…show more content…
There are many reasons behind the act of manipulation. The manipulator needs to get something purposeful or get a feeling that they have to advance their own causes or plans - no matter what the cost to others they want powerful control of their relation with others. Maybe power over others increases their self-esteem and confidence. It is also possible that person does not have the social skills or any talent to gain what is needed by those traditional means. Sometimes the Psychological Manipulators are psychopaths who are unable to understand the feelings of themselves and others as well. How Do Manipulators Manipulate? There are many ways that manipulators can use to get power and control over the others. Here is an overview of some the manipulative techniques. Extreme Anger: use of extreme anger to shock the victims into submission. The anger is simply a show to get whatever he or she wants by the victim. Threatening: The victim is threatened by the manipulator. Denial: the manipulator refuses to admit his or her wrong doings. Diversion of answers: they usually divert the asked questions and change the statements all over. Confusion: The manipulator pretends that she or he has no idea what the victim is talking about, or is confused by the…show more content…
There is also the Business-Scan (B-SCAN) test. There have been many reports of many organizations around the world using methods to revent psychopaths from ever entering the workplace. Conclusion If you were to point something out that you don’t like about the manipulator then that’d be their chance to turn it around.After reading the points presented you now know that the manipulator is someone with a dynamic personality and the different sort of methods they use are bound to get them the results that they want to attain. The best way to protect one’s self from these people is to ignore them or to expose them. Hopefully after reading this you now understand how to point out a manipulator and will now know how to respond in a better way to protect yourself and those around you. There will always be people around you that will try their level best to bring you down but no matter what we do we have to get back up and try and try again to do what we have set out to

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