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Manita Kongangkab or Bow is originally from Nonthaburi. The 33-year-old Manita holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from School of Humanities and Applied Arts, College of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. She currently works for Mandarin Hotel Bangkok Managed by Centre Point as a room reservation agent, Sales and Marketing department. As a kind and friendly person, she generously told us her future plan. If there is a hotel or a job that could give her more benefit than her present workplace, she might think about changing her job. Moreover, it would be great if the new workplace is located near her home in Nonthaburi since she presently commutes long distances to work in Bangkok City centre.
After Manita’s graduation, she then applied and got to work for Dusit Thani Hotel for around four years. She had moved from the Dusit Thani Hotel to Mandarin Hotel Managed by Centre Point because of her former manager at Dusit Thani Hotel moved to this hotel and told her that there was available position for her here, so she applied for the job. After applying the job with the CV, Manita had to have three interviews. First,
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The Mandarin building was built and officially opened in 1968. The hotel had become a famous luxury destination for both leisure and business travellers because of its inauguration. In 1981 the hotel had undergone refurbishing and a new wing, is called Princess. The Mandarin Hotel is divided into two wings, the Mandarin original wing and the Princess wing. All along, the Mandarin Hotel has earned an unsurpassed recognition as a luxury hotel, impressing guests from all over the world with its charm and hospitality. The Mandarin Hotel has been praised by its service, convenient access, comfortable atmosphere and above all, warm and sincerity. At the same time, the hotel meets the expanding need of its guests through expansion, renovation and

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