Manju Kapur And Gender Criticism In Literature

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According to vijay kumar Mehta,” Manju Kapur, the radical feminist, truly presents the hidden intricacies of women psyche in her novels. Her protagonists make an effort to dismantle the gender polarization up to a great extent Gender polarization is a concept that what is feminine cannot be masculine and what is masculine cannot be feminine. It is expected of men and women to display stereotypic gender roles. It utilizes the differences between the two groups of male and female to designate particular characteristics to group members of one group and not the other. Sandra Bem describes “the relationship between men and women as a division of social responsibilities. Women are seen suitable for private concerns, such as familial issues, and men as the public representatives, or professional individuals. Women should know just enough about professional business that allows her to empathize with her husband when needed and is denied access to power through other political and professional aspects. Mr. Roman Motiram Janbandhu comments, the protagonists of all the novels of Manju Kapur are seen as women struggling against all odds. Manju Kapur has always tried to depict the picture of the sufferings of women at deeper level in her novels. Feminism is a broad socio political movement specially advocating women’s welfare in society. Deriving upon this philosophy many women writers, thinkers and critics have formulated a school of thought that searches for such instances in
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