Manju Kapur's Patriarchal Literature

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ASSESSING MANJU KAPUR’S FEMINISTIC EXPRESSIONS THROUGH THE READINGS OF PATRIARCHAL CULTURE Abstract: The patriarchal societies have a great influence on families especially on women who continuously strive for their independence in the modern era. The globalization and technology preaches women to be superior rather than to be inferior beings. But age old traditions and aeons of suppression don’t allow them to come out of male domination and at the same time cannot agree to accept their oppression. Women suffering from this kind of repressions come out with various problems. It’s rather difficult for them to revolt against traditional methods as they will be contradicted by the society. If they accept it their life becomes disastrous. It’s the duty of the modern writers to focus on the feministic points of view. The modern writers are challenging the position of women in male-dominated society. The male writers show women only as a show piece, as a puppet in the hands of the head of the family. So it’s rightly that women writers can only focus on the issues related to women. Among the famous female writers Manju Kapur occupies a dominant position. Manju Kapur, a heart winning writer…show more content…
Whether the sex is male or female everyone try for their individual identity. Identification is a must for an entity to survive in the world. A small mole is used as an identification mark by the government. Can’t a women be recognized for her services as a mother, as a wife as a daughter? The sympathy is even the working women who plays a dual role is not recognized. Be it a patriarchal society or matriarchal society, women should be honored and identified as equal to men. The atrocities against women should be stopped. Feminism should be wide spread to address the problems of women promising them a bright insight into the vision of forth coming
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