Manjula Padmanabhat Play Analysis

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Societal Conflicts and Clashes in Manjula Padmanabhan’s play “HARVEST” Dr. P. Satyanarayana, Vice-Principal, Balaji College of Education, Anantapuram. Abstract: In this paper, I present Manjula Padmanabhan’s play, “HARVEST” as a futuristic play. It exposes the misery of human existence against the externally imposed dynamics of new social orders. Here the family as a locale, Padmanabhan endeavours to synthesize the social ironies affecting the life and sensibilities in middle class family like Om Prakash’s family. Here Manjula Padmanabhan projected dehumanized, terrifying world with exploitation of human values in 21st century. Keywords: commercialism, consumerism, coterie, globalization, hapless, intoxication, negation, prostitute, Psyche, patriarchal, procreate, remediable, seductive and triumphantly. Introduction: Indian English Drama has shot into prominence quite recently. It has made a fresh ground both technically and thematically; enabling the audience to share a new experience not only of the External World but also of the Internal World of Psyche. It has become a composite art involving the mind of the dramatist, action of the protagonists and the reaction of audience. Apart from the substantial contributions rendered in the field by noted dramatists like Nissim Ezekiel, Girish Karnad and Mahesh Dattani, some minor Indian English women playwrights have also published their
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