Manning's Flogging Case Study

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Manning 's Flogging:
It had been a couple of months since Manning last felt the Pussy Cat on his back and he was clearly a little apprehensive about it. I am absolutely convinced using the leather Army Cat was the right approach to take. I was indeed apprehensive about taking the Cat. Part of it was indeed because it had been a few months since I 'd felt the Cat, plus a lot of it was driven by the fear of the unknown. I found the rope Cat challenging to take and you had told me that the leather Army Cat came a lot, lot keener!  Do you think an Army Cat comes keener? It is right that you remain apprehensive about any dose of the Cat (I am too), what separates the real hard men from the rest is having the balls to overcome that
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As I told you I wanted you to be daunted at the number of strokes coming your way, this helps ingrain the right attitude to take a flogging well in a man, he has to really stiffen his resolve and summon the best of his character as he waits for his flogging to start and you clearly did this yesterday. I 'd agree 100% that the leather Army Cat was the way to go. It feels even more manly to take than the rope Cat, probably due to the far sharper sting it imparts. I certainly was daunted by the prospect of taking 20 dozen strokes and had to keep telling myself that I 'd taken far more from the rope Cat...  Taking any flogging with a Cat o ' Nine Tails should always be a daunting prospect, even for the hardest of men. A real hard man will never loose his fear of the Cat, if it is being laid on properly because this is at the heart of what he feeds on and grows on, to become an even harder man when he takes his floggings properly. From my experience of taking the Cat so far, I can 't ever imaging a point where I won 't be fearful or apprehensive about its application. As we have discussed, this fear is fundamental to a man then growing harder…show more content…
From five dozen onwards, I seriously stepped up the force with each subsequent dozen I laid on and still you took them well. By the ten dozen point, I felt that you had had a good first taste of the Army Cat, it had challenged you in a way you hadn 't been challenged before and you had risen to the challenge that each stoke of the Cat presented manfully and achieved something few men are hard enough to do. I really got into the pain during the second half of my flogging.  As I commented above, the nature of the pain changed and I felt harder and harder as I took each stroke. You pitched the severity with which you laid it on superbly, so that it challenged me and hurt me right to the end, but also made me feel more hard and proud with every stroke that I took.  Any real hard man will always seriously challenge, but never burn a man out when he is flogging him. This is the high end of the skill spectrum of administering proper Corporal Punishment, in all its forms - what mastery is really about. I certainly appreciate the mastery when I 'm receiving Corporal Punishment, Andy! I 'm trying to learn the skills when laying it on, so that I can reciprocate and play my part. Now that you have experienced the joy of the Cat on your back again, I am sure that you will want more and become a harder man each time you take a flogging on your back. You should feel rightly proud of this achievement, as I said less than 1% of the hardest recipients of
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