Mann's Argument Essay: The Indian Savage

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Argument Essay Have you ever met an Indian Savage? If a savage is an uncivil being, then it does not resemble and Indian. After Christopher Columbus’s voyage in 1492 Americans and Europeans met the Native Americans for the first time. Theses Indians had many traditions in their culture that Europeans did not understand leading them to forming a close-minded opinion of these Indians. Native Americans were not savages but the Europeans may have been. Mann achieves his purpose that Indians are not savages by proving that Indians have a better education for their children, a greater political structure and a strong family and social structure. Indians were not savages of any kind. Although…show more content…
Indians were governed by a Sachem “who upheld the law, negotiated treaties, controlled foreign contacts, collected tribute, declares war, provided for widows and orphans and collected farmlands which had cause disputes.” (Mann 29) Roger Williams states that the Indian political system was “very exact and punctual”. However, in England they had bigger populated areas which used more resources and constantly had changing agriculture in which “political tensions were constant”. (Mann 30) The archeologist Peter Thomas stated that the politics of New England were “an ever-changing collage of personalities, alliances, plots, raids and encounters” which lead their government into more turmoil than the Indians. (Mann…show more content…
Throughout his writing he describes the Indians “close and loving” (Mann 29) even more that some families in Europe. Mann says that the Europeans often viewed their children “as moving straight from infancy to adulthood…thereupon set them to work”. (29) However, in Indians families he describes the children as having exciting childhoods filled with camping, exploring, games, swimming and other fascinating activities. These Indians cherished childhood and kept their children “close until marriage” (Mann 29) These same Indian families enjoyed games such as “tossing naked children into the snow” (Mann 29) creating memories to last a
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