Manny Bella Case Summary

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Manny and Bella started a business in Kent Street and named it Honest House Sales Australian Company, a name that was already registered by another company running a website and a retail outlet in Perth. They declined from registering the company and business name. As such, the couple has breached copyrights and intellectual property rights of another company. Therefore, the Australian securities and investment commission, ASIC has a right to sue them to relinquish use of the business name as well as register their business with the ASIC in the right manner. Moreover, the business owners in Perth may also sue Manny and Bella for infringement of intellectual property. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission may also take a legal action…show more content…
The defendant was in breach of Sections 52 and 64 and thus Rafferty was ordered to restrain from the business for three years. Tax Evasion Manny and Bella had decided to evade taxation by claiming that all the income obtained from their business is their alone and thus were culpable under the Tax Administration Act 1953, Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, and Criminal Code Act 1995. However, the approach of dealing with tax crimes depends on the scale and severity of abuse. In this case, the Commonwealth director of public prosecution and the Australian Taxation Office can press charges against Manny and Bella for tax evasion. Once found guilty, the courts would impose security bonds, prison sentences, fines and additional penalties, as well as community service orders to the couple. Moreover, upon conviction, the couple can be unable to travel or seek employment outside Australia. In the case, if the couple plead guilty to the offence, the matter would be proven but dismissed. The court may thus dismiss the charge due to good behaviour for a specified period of

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