Manolin's The Heroism: The Cause Of Water

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The hero of this novel is an old man named Santiago.
This old man had a hard time fishing in the sea, he was unable to catch any fish in 84 days.
There was a little boy named Manolin who loved the old man so much, and the secret behind the boy's love is that the old man taught him how to fish.
After Manolin escorted the old man for over 40 days, his parents prevented him from going with him because he brings bad luck and they decided to send him along with other fishermen.
The old Cuban man went alone to Havana bay by boat, at noon he hunted a giant fish, unable to transport it to the boat he kept resisting it for 3 days.
On the third day, the old man was awfully tired so he took courage and stabbed the fish in the heart, attached it to the
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