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Meet 3 designers behind your favorite shoe brands Manolo Blahnik Manuel "Manolo" Blahnik Rodríguez is the founder of the self- named, high end shoe brand. He is a Spanish Fashion designer. Blahnik and his family often travel to Paris and Madrid to order clothes. But his mother is always dissatisfied of the shoes there so she started to create her own design of shoes. Blahnik loved to watch his mom when she designs and makes beautiful pair of shoes. He has inherited his mother’s love in designing and creating fabulous shoes. Blahnik brought this inspiration to his shoe designs. Believe it or not, Blahnik did not study shoe- making in a school. He just goes to shoe factories and loves to talk to pattern- cutters, technicians and machine operators. At first, he was only making shoes for men but later he realized that it limits his imaginations and looks for more element of fashion. Blahnik’s heart has really the love for shoes. He works on it wholeheartedly. He do not only draws the design of his shoes, but also handcrafts it by himself. But of course, when the demand of his shoe designs got high, he hired some staff but makes sure each shoe is an exact copy of his original creation. Charlotte Olympia Dellal Charlotte Olympia Dellal is the founder of the self-named shoe brand in London. Dellal studied footwear design course and she graduated…show more content…
His love with fashion began at an early age. He studied art and architecture in Southern Illinois University and eventually led him to New York where he studied fashion clothing design. Atwood shoe designs has that Cinderella factor which turns every female’s face as if they’re wearing a magical shoe. His shoe designs is devoted to making women’s bottom halves look long, lean and fabulously sexy – and he does all that without killing their feet. His wicked stilettos, filled with detail and unusual contrasts, are expertly constructed using only the finest luxury

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