Mansa Musa Research Paper

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Mansa Musa: The hajj
Mansa Musa was the ruler or Ghana and also one of the most wealthiest men alive in his time. Mansa Musa also made one of the toughest and longest journey’s ever. But why would someone make such a journey? Mansa Musa made his hajj purely for the religion of Islam.

There are a few reasons to prove Mansa Musa made his hajj for his religion. For example, when Mansa Musa finally made it to Mecca, he refused to meet the sultan. when it was offered to him to meet the sultan Mansa Musa replied with “I came to make the pilgrimage and nothing else.” (Document E). This evidence shows that Mansa Musa did not even want to meet the leader of Mecca and he only came for Allah and had nor has any intentions to do anything else.
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