Mansa Musa Thesis

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Mansa Musa was one of the greatest rulers of history and achieved many goals. He was the tenth rulers of the Empire. The pilgrimage to Mecca was legendary which represented the wealth of the empire and made him well known ( Lin Donn, Mansa Musa). Numerous structures were built under his reign such as Gao mosque and the University of Sankore. Also, the Dijiongoereber mosque was built as an education center and became one of the massive empires of the world. Abu-Ishaq Ibrahimes-Saheli was the aritchet that built the palace and mosque. Timbuktu was an important city not only for trade but for education as well. Many people traveled from all over the world to attend (Ojibwa, Ancient Africa). Ahmad Baba who was known for being teacher, professor

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