Manson Vs. Charles Manson

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During the early 1960 's, a charismatic, charming and relentlessly brutal leader, compelled a group of emotionally insecure, broken individuals to commit a series of horrific murders, through nothing more than his own silver tongue. Through his use of the talents of five of his closest cult members, members of an organisation known as 'The Family ', he perpetrated several now iconic murders, involving Hollywood actress Sharon Tate, and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, either for reasons involving a specific end of days event known as 'Helter Skelter ', or just for the sheer fun of it, a dot that thus far remains unconnected. This man, notorious criminal Charles Manson was an expert at utilising people 's antisocial behavioural tendencies to…show more content…
Two examples of this, and two of his most trusted compatriots, Patricia Krenwinkel and Susan Atkins, displayed heavily anti-social tendencies prior to their conversion to Manson 's proverbial church of insanity, which led to their susceptible nature and compliance. Krenwinkel, for instance, had quite the terrible lot in life, being relentlessly bullied due to her excessive body weight and hair growth as a child, and later dropping out of her Jesuit education in order to migrate to California. Upon lodging with her half-sister in a relatively simple apartment, she met Manson, who described her as beautiful, and gave her special treatment, later accepting the moniker of one of 'Charlie 's Girls ', a special designation for those deemed important enough for Manson 's undivided attention. They later pursued a physical relationship, later leaving her to care for the ever-expanding Family 's many illegitimate children. Through emotional bribery and trickery, Manson was able to make an unloved woman feel important for the first time in her life, therefore giving him almost limitless control over her, in a bizarre form of emotional…show more content…
Eventually she like many others crossed paths with Manson, who played guitar and sang at a gathering she attended, and later, invited her to live with him in a repurposed school bus when her apartment building was raided by the police, taking her on a cross-country trip filled with debauchery an a free-spirited mindset. Once again, through manipulative means, either intentionally or otherwise, Manson showed compassion to a lost and broken woman, and filled her with a sense of debt and gratitude, perhaps manipulating events to come. These two women later went on to play a significant role in the devastating murders that followed these seemingly humble beginnings, performing a large majority of the more brutal acts themselves. Atkins wrote disturbing messages in the blood of the Family 's victims, while Krenwinkel incessantly attacked Abigail Folger, repeatedly stabbing her despite her pleas. She later went on to describe her feelings about the event as nonexistent, as she felt she was morally justified in her actions. Later torture ensued of varying victims, and the violence only increased as the nights went on. Charles Manson, as despicable and reprehensible as he may be, knew how to appeal to people 's insecurities, particularly in those displaying anti-social behavioural patterns, clearly demonstrating how a cultist mindset can drive those of normally sound mind, to
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