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The mantis shrimp, is a marvel of natural selection, showing the utmost phenomena of our creature world; in comparison, nothing can match the riches of the mantis shrimp. The mantis testament of the power of the natural selection, this animals exceeds the realms of human engineering, with transcending our understanding of the world with the art of sonoluminescence, incredibly strong arms, and unimaginably advanced eyes. Sonoluminescence, is light created by sound. To make this, takes incredible ingenuity, an art that the mantis shrimp has mastered. The mantis shrimp uses its incredible arms, that accelerates at the speed of a 0.22 caliber bullet, to create a cavitation bubble; When this bubble collapses, it creates sonoluminescence. In order…show more content…
Nothing in the known universe has a more complex optical system as the mantis shrimp. But to explain the complexity, you must first explain optics. In order for any animal to see color, it requires cones and rods. Rods can only detect light, not color, but they are much more sensitive than cones, which provide color. Because rods are much more light sensitive than cones, you see in black and white in dark environments, not color. For humans there are 3 different types of cones, dog have 2, and butterflies have 5, but the creature that have the most are the mantis shrimp. They have 16 different color cones, and can detect circular polarized light, the only animal that can. This shrimp could see colors that we couldn’t even imagine, colors that we couldn’t even see in our dreams. It can see ultraviolet light, and several different bands we couldn’t even imagine. But the mantis shrimp isn’t what we thought of. The mantis shrimp actually cannot distinguish different colors with similar wavelengths due to the fact that they don’t combine colors to create other, they just each color receptor as the true color of the object. However, this has not stopped researchers trying to micic its’ eyes. The main part that they want to mimic is the capability of seeing polarized light. Cancer cells emit polarized light, and being able to see it using a small camera would allow cancer detection to be much more accurate. By mimicking its eyes, they

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