Manual Handling Risk Assessment Essay

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Fatal injury statistics, Number of reported fatalities (worker and non-worker) by accident trigger, 2014 (HSA) [online version] As we can see from the table above on the number of reported fatalities the highest number of accidents (8) was from Loss of control of means of transport or handling equipment. The lowest rate of reported fatalities was (1) with Breakage of material at joints, Electrical problem - direct contact, Fall on same level, Fire, Other body movement and person in inappropriate area. 3.4 Accident Triggers Number of reported fatalities (worker and non-worker) by accident trigger 2014 (HSA) Number Accident trigger unknown 2 Breakage of material at joints 1 Electrical problem - direct contact 1 Explosion 4 Fall from height 5…show more content…
Stage 2: What is the tasks technical detail? Stage 3: What are the tasks risk factors? Stage 4: How can you improve the way work is carried out? Stage 5: Are the improvements effective? (The stages of manual handling risk assessment, guide on manual handling risk assessment in the retail sector, Health and Safety Authority) A total of four people lost their lives working in retail; this is a rate of 1.5 per 100,000. It was found that 68% of the time safety statements were accessible, 89% of safety consultation operations were operating. In 19% of workplaces safety representatives were delegated. Applicable risks had been seen in 81% of safety statements, resources had been seen and responsibilities had been shared 85% and 90% of the time under the circumstances. Safety statements were working with the applicable legislation 70% of the time. As part of the EU campaign on slips, trips and falls there were 70 inspections. This resulted in written advice being issued in forty six circumstances and enforcement action taken in thirteen

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