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For almost a decade, Manuel Noriega was the face of the corrupt and notorious Panamanian government, earning him the title of the “strongman of Panama”. Early in his career, he was considered to be an ally of the United States as he provided valuable assistance to the country as an informant for the C.I.A. Later on, however, Noriega became an enemy of America due to his illegal dealing with drugs. In 1989, the United States government drove him out of Panama which ended his control of the country’s puppet government.
Even though he was born in a poor family in Panama City, Manuel Antonio Noriega received a privileged level of education. After graduating from the National Institute, one of Panama’s leading high school, he attended the Chorrios
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In 1983, Noriega became the commander of the National Guard and he promoted himself to general. He then merged the Guard with the Navy, Air Force, and National Police to create the Panama Defense Forces. During this time, he forged a stronger relationship with the United States, extending new rights to the American government despite the existing canal treaties.
In 1984, Noriega opened the first presidential election after 16 years. Noriega’s candidate, Nicolas Barletta, won with a slim margin, although the initial results foretold of Arias’ landslide victory. Noriega was openly and heavily criticized by Hugo Spadafora, who accused Noriega of drug trafficking. Spadafora was later found dead and extremely tortured. Because of this, Barletta was pressured by the United States to investigate on the case of Spadafora.
Not one to be implicated, Noriega forced out Barletta from his position and replaced him with the First Vice President, on the grounds that Barletta was doing a poor job as Panama’s president. However, the United States considered Barletta as a person of great value and his dismissal led to the downward spiral of America’s relationship with
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