Manuel Pacquiao In The Philippines

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Manny Pacquiao or also known as Emmanuel Dapidran Panquiao is a professional boxer, even the best-known figure in the Philippines today. It is the most outstanding boxer, singers, politicians and even the dreaded enemy because of its popularity. At the peak of success and wealth, even as Manny Pacquiao wants to grab all his childhood dream. Although tired practicing boxing and acting as a congressman, Pacquiao still managed to become the head coach of the basketball club. Pacquiao was born in Kibawe, Philippines, on December 17, 1978. Son of a couple Rosalio Dapidran-Dionesia Pacquiao and Pacquiao should watch his parents separated after the father is shown to have other family. Pacquiao himself was married to Maria Geraldine "Jinkee" Jamora on 10 May 2000. The couple had five children, namely Emmanuel Jr., Michael Stephen, Mary Divine Grace, Queen Elizabeth, and Israel.
Although rich life results from boxing as well as representatives of the people, Pacquiao admitted that he never forgot his childhood dreams on hard times. He always wanted to meet the desires and ambitions, including the face and beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2, 2015.
There are 10 facts childhood Pacquiao. Firstly, Pacquiao always wanted to be a Priest. As a child, like in the Philippines, Pacquiao wants to be a pastor. However, extreme poverty forced her chosen profession as a boxer. Secondly, the family is very poor Pacquiao. Pacquiao was born in a remote and impoverished city in Kibawe,

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