Manuel Perez Family

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From San Luis Rio Colorado. Manuel 's Perez 's two sisters were born in Mexico, as well as their parents line born in San Luis Rio Colorado. Speaks both Spanish and English. Spanish was Manuel 's his first language, can read and write Spanish. Family moved to the states when he was 6 years old, 14 years ago. Religious practice at home is catholic, and further study is implied with rigor discipline focused on family experience. Currently an active member of Immaculate Heart of Mary catholic church; with attendance twice a week, one on Sunday and the other varying throughout the week. Even after making the transition from Mexico to the states the majority of neighbors are of the same ethnic background. Friends religious background is extremely diverse from either practicing of the same religion to Judaism, and Buddhism.…show more content…
Out of the twelve criteria that indicate heritage consistency Manuel Perez meets 11 out of the twelve (Spector, 2013, pp 27-28). Indicating he is 91.6% heritage consistent with is traditional culture. Manuel was born in Mexico along with his two other sisters. Father and mother were also raised and born in San Luis Rio Colorado. There is consistent contact with extended family and involved in traditional culture activities such as attending church on Sunday and being active in the church. Where they currently reside, allows Manuel 's family to have easy access to crossing the border and visiting family in Mexico. Manuel Ethnic community is partly made up of Hispanics and Chicano 's. Manuel’s last and first name has been passed down 6 generations and was not Americanized. Manuel is al fluent in both English and Spanish yet prefers to communicate in Spanish. The only criteria Manuel did not meet was being raised in an extended family setting. In conclusion Manuel shows high levels of heritage consistency with his traditional
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