Manufacturing Resource Management Case Study: Customer Relationship Management

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) The key to success is finding a way to exceed client’s expectations. So, the hotel must keep tracking their client’s behaviour to maintain the relationship. Previously, The hotel use manual way to collect customer information such as personal information, their previous booking, when and how long their stayed at the hotel, etc. In order to improve the hotel grow revenue make a success of the business in long term, the hotel need CRM strategy. The objective of CRM or Customer Relationship Management is about analysing customer data and then satisfying them. Before applying Odoo, the hotel must accumulate customer data by using manual system which is not an efficient method. There are the branch in Bangkok…show more content…
MRP In order to to make the hotel run effectively, the hotel need to manage materials to use in the hotel. The resource that mainly use in the hotel such as room facilities, water, food, etc, are ensured to service customer everyday. However, it is difficult to check stock materials by using paper record because it wastes in time. It would be better if there is a useful tool to record material usage and also ensure that the hotel is able to provide service to the customer any time. According to the above objective, the solution is about applying MRP module of Odoo in the hotel system. MRP or Manufacturing Resource Planning module is applied. The module benefits the hotel concern planing material for service providing. Furthermore, in the manufacturing orders and work orders scheduled automatically based on your Schedule Work Orders 4. Employee Directory The another most important factor of success, is people who work at the hotel. A challenge, that is considered to enhance the performance of the hotel service in order to get the most satisfy from customer, is managing the hotel employee. The hotel hire various employee to do different task; receptionist, room service, housekeeping, etc. Sometimes it would be better to manage the employee since at the beginning of recruitments. After human resource accept people to work, then they need to keep evaluating the employee performance based on their…show more content…
Employee are evaluated their behaviour and how well they do their job. This benefits human resource management to get enhancement in hotel performance for a long term. 5. Website Builder Previously, clients either to call by phone or walk to the hotel, if they are interested to reserve room. It’s difficult to discover the information about the hotel such as room type, room available, hotel service, etc.Additionally, if clients have reserved room, they are not allow to edit some data or cancel. So, these are a drawback that need improvement unless the hotel can’t complete another hotels in the hight competitive world. Nowadays, people prefer accessing Internet and buy things or get service from website. So, the hotel is recommended to adopt website builder from Odoo to satisfy customer.

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