Many Themes In Naruto

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[BC]What Is Naruto?
[I]Before I explain to you the many themes Naruto has taught us, I first wanna explain to those of you who don't know,what Naruto is(believe it or not some people haven't heard of or even seen Naruto). Naruto is a shonen anime that was released in 2002 which is about a boy by the name of Naruto and his path to becoming a ninja and getting accepted by others( If you don't know what a shonen anime is than [Click This Link|] ).
[BC]Why Themes In Naruto Matter?
[I]The many themes in Naruto are some of the best that I've ever seen in an anime. The Themes or rather lessons in the anime has taught us many things while growing up(for those whose childhood revolved around the time Naruto was created). These themes taught us many important things in life and these themes also served as a sort of inspiration for some.
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Naruto as a child was either feared and hated by others,and because of that he wasn't able to get much attention. Naruto's jokes or rather his pranks served as a source of attention needing, causing trouble throughout the village was his only way of getting it. I guess Naruto wanting to become hokage was a part of this, to become accepted by others and to help those in need.

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