Mao Zedong Hero

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Mao Zedong was a Chinese communist Revolutionist, who was one of the founding members of the Communist Party of China, had governed as the Chairman of the People’s
Republic of China since 1949. As a revolutionist, he launched several revolutions such as the
Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution which ended in catastrophes, whilst he contributed much to the communist party as well as China. So, was Mao Zedong a hero or a tyrant? A hero should have leadership skills, be visionary, progressive, and would strike for national interest, justice and glorify the nation. On the contrary, a tyrant is a dictator, aggressive, inhumane, and rule by terror, neglect citizens’ interest and uses power unjustly. Michael Lynch thought that Mao had leadership skills in the Northern Expedition.
Mao was the Front organizer in Hunan and was conductive to fighting against the warlords.
Besides, he made the CCP glorious in the rural guerrilla force in 1945. His decision to guarantee the three huge campaigns fought in 1948-1949 also led the armies to bear the palm.
He assured the final success of the communists in the civil war and was praised as a military genius. Mao later on formed the 1st communist country in Asia. Michael Lynch also thought that Mao was a hero as he was able to fulfill the wills of some peasants through the land reform. Mao led the peasants to seize the property of their hated landlords; these moderate otherworldly acts were able to strike for several
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